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Progetti /Projects


AEuCC is part of the wmn&ART project, co-funded by the European Union Erasmus+ programme

wmn&ART is a project involving 5 countries and 9 partners for a duration of 2 years. The aim is to support inactive women in the development of domestic micro-enterprises, with a special focus on ceramic art and handicraft activities, increasing wealth in European society.
The lead partner is Turkish University of Ardahan, while AEuCC is involved as an expert partner in the ceramics sector.

“wmn&ART – Integrated e-training & e-guiding for inactive women for transferring their art hobby in to their future income” is a project co-funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ Programme, under Key Action 2 Cooperation for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practice – Strategic Partnerships in Vocational Education and Training.

As part of the project, a digital platform was developed for training mentors and mentee women in the field of artistic ceramics. The platform, which is directly linked to the project website ( on the “Training” page, is currently available in English, but will soon also be available in Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Lithuanian, Portuguese and Slovakian.

A further function of the platform will be to connect mentors and mentees to offer professional development to unemployed women with artistic talent. On this page, we collect the files of the mentors taking part in the project.

Experienced sculpture decoration and modelling mentor and motivational coach.

Mentor expert in engobes, natural earthenware coatings and wood firing.

Experienced porcelain mentor, curator and organiser of cultural events

Mentor expert in curating and organising events and courses in the ceramic field; Ambassador of Crafts for the Cologni Foundation for Art Professions

Mentor expert on decoration and modeling of sculptures in ceramic and majolica.

Ceramic, porcelain and majolica mentor, expert in decoration and modeling of sculptures, pottery wheel; curator and organizer of cultural events.

Ceramist expert also in the curatorship and organization of exhibitions and conferences; art therapy mentor focus in psychiatry.

Curatorship and organization of cultural events expert.

Mentor of decoration and modeling of sculpture and object; gres expert.

Expert in the organization of cultural events and social media manager mentor.

Clay mentor, also curator and organizer of cultural events and art professor.