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Alice Tomelleri



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Areas of expertise: decoration and modeling of ceramic sculptures / coach motivation

Spoken languages: italian / english (scolastic)






I am a teacher of mathematics lent to ceramics.

As a self-taught ceramist, I began my experience in 2016 at the laboratory of the Cadoneghe-Padua Ceramic School Association. Since 2019, I have been part of the Pandora Artists-Ceramists Association and I participate in events and events. To date, I have found a happy balance between working part-time as a teacher and working in my personal workshop as an artist where I create and teach courses.

My ceramics have an all-female soul, they tell stories, express my inner self, or are born from the imagination.

I prefer to model rosy earth and decorate with engobes, creating shades and plays of color. Before meeting ceramics, I used to paint, so my relationship with brushes and painting is very confidential. I also decorate with enamels, crystalline and lusters in the third fire. I also like to combine the two types of decoration, I do not deny that I feel constantly evolving and I really like to experiment.