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Lauren Moreira




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Areas of expertise: the creation of object of daily use, tableware and manual construction; curator and organizer of exhibitions and conferences; expert of art therapy in psychiatry and special needs.

Spoken languages: italian / english / portuguese / french / spanish








I was born in Belém, Pará State, Amazonia, Brazil, and it is there that my passion for clay was also born, thanks to the ceramics of the indigenous Amazonian peoples, which I learned to know and love from a young age.

When I teach children and adults, whether they are simply curious, hobbyists or professionals, I try to convey not only notions but also my enthusiasm for working with clay. This enthusiasm has always been fundamental in working with psychiatric patients: the passion for manipulating clay can become a profitable and profoundly therapeutic work activity.

Based on my personal need to do something to protect the environment, in 2014 I created the MORE CLAY LESS PLASTIC, a  movement that invites people to return to the use of ceramics instead of plastic, especially in the food sector.

I live and work in Frisanco (PN), a small town in a small valley in the Friulian Dolomites Park.