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Italia Fiorella



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Areas of expertise: decoration and modeling of sculptures in ceramic and majolica.

Spoken languages: italian / english / french (scolastic)






Born in 1974 in Palermo and raised in S. Stefano di Camastra, since childhood I had a great passion for drawing, but I undertook various studies by attending the ITC of my country and, at the same time, studying clarinet until I obtained my diploma at age of 21 at the “V. Bellini ”of Caltanissetta. The charm of the colors, however, was irresistible and at the age of 23 my company was born with a small ceramic workshop also used as a shop. In those years my personality was formed, every object had to be perfect for the love of the one who would buy it. Almost immediately the company adhered to the principles of the Economy of Communion: reduction of poverty; dissemination of the culture of giving; service to the common good.

Being a potter is an exciting job that allows me to always learn and create new things. I love lava stone and I specialize in customized works where the difficulty consists in satisfying the customer’s requests, managing to combine all the elements indicated, in a beautiful and harmonious way. I made exhibitions at the “Palazzo Alliata di Villafranca” museum (PA) and participated in fairs and exhibitions.

In the last two years, I have taught clarinet at the “Regina Margherita” musical high school in Palermo. Since 2002, I have a very large and well-equipped new laboratory and my current project is to dedicate myself completely to my company, perfecting it in all its aspects.