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Paola Nuovo Gomez




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Areas of expertise: decoration and modeling of sculpture and objects in ceramic and gres.

Spoken languages: italian / spanish / english (scolar)











She graduated in Design from the Catholic University Nuestra Señora de la Asunción (Asunción, Paraguay). For 15 years she has been a teacher of Research and Design Planning Process.

She currently resides in Faenza, Italy, where she graduated in 2019 as a Higher Technician for Sustainability, Development, Design of the Ceramic Product for the Foundation of the Higher Technical Institute of Technologies and Creative Industries.

Her path in the arts of fire developed independently, through experiments with engobes and low and high-temperature glazes, applied on utilitarian and ornamental objects, and with glass fusing. Her experience was enriched by the contribution of various local and South American ceramic masters, both popular and contemporary, and by the collaboration with the Association of Artisans of Areguá, a city famous in Paraguay for her pottery.

Since 2014, in her own laboratory, she has been opening direct experiences to children and adults on the subject of introduction to ceramic art. You have participated in several group exhibitions and are one of the founders of the art group Ceramists in Paraguay.

Her work takes inspiration from nature, from the essential elements: water, earth, air and fire, invoking the close relationship of the human being with her environment. In the forms of her work, she appeals to the stylistic resources of pre-Columbian cultures and, on the other hand, to the exploratory air with which children evoke the world, weaving the aesthetic game of creation with the functionality that her design studies inculcated.