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Slovenia – Dober Dan Keramika 2017


Dober Dan Keramika!

2-3-4 giugno 2017

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Il programma di Buongiorno Ceramica 2017 in Slovenia.
The programme of Dober Dan Keramika 2017 in Slovenia.

City of Kamnik

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Download the programme (in Slovenian) >

In front of the Chapelle at the Mali grad
Friday, 2nd June, at 18.00

Exhibition: Ines Kovačič – Cracks, Holes, Shells
‘For my work I don’t need much, only clay and my hands’, Ines Kovačič, the internationally known ceramist told about her work. You can enjoy her work in Kapela na Malem Gradu, where she made her latest ceramic works. ‘The floor which seem like moon,are full of snails, empty eggshells in bird’s nest, sea shells etc. Ines is interested in cracks. She observes the world, which cracks open’, wrote about her Vera Stanković.

Old Chapelle at the Mali grad
Opening 2nd June, 18.30
View 3rd June, 10.00-18.00
Guided tour 4th June, 10.00

Raku – demonstration of Raku firing and opening of the kiln
Raku is an old Japanese technique of ceramic firing, which was very ceremonial. The ceramics is fired at high temperature and at this temperature it is taken out of the kiln, what makes it different from other firings, where the pieces cool in the kiln. To get special effects, the pieces are taken out of the kiln and ‘socked’ by different ways for example water, sawdust etc. Each piece, which undertakes the Raku firing is unique. The artist, clay, glaze, fire and smoke make it special. Opening the kiln will be an exciting event.

Outdoor in front of the Old Library
Ceremonial firing 2nd June, 19.00-22.00 and 3rd June, 19.00-22.00
Exhibition 4th June, 11.00

Demonstrations of different ceramic techniques, painting on ceramics, workshops for children
On Saturday in Park Evropa you can see the demonstrations of different technics of making ceramics, which will be organized by members of the Society of Ceramists and Potters Slovenia. Potter Boštjan Dobovšek will be working on kick wheel, the way it was done by potters in the past. You will see the demonstration of the painting on ceramics in the ‘Kamniška Majolika’ technic by the members of KUD Hiše Keramike, Irena and Slavica. There will be workshops for children and the possibility to buy beautiful ceramics and pottery on the stands.

Outdoor in Park Evropa
Saturday, 3rd June
Workshops for children, 10.00-12.00 and 15.00-17.00
Demonstrations, 10.00-13.00 and 15.00-18.00

Exhibition: Irena Radej and Slavica Cvetek – Ceramics in the shop window
The pieces made under the paintbrush of long term painters on the cream ware ceramics in the Eti Svit factory and who devotionally continue with the traditional classical painting of ‘Kamniška Majolika’ and also, their upgrade, will be exhibited in Hiša Keramike, Šutna 29. Underglaze painting on the white background is captured in ornament or freestyle. Irena Radej and Slavica Cvetek are the masters of the ‘Kamniška Majolika’ painting.

House of the Ceramics
Preview 2nd June, 17.00-21.00
View 3rd June, 10.00-18.00
Opening 3rd June, 12.00
Guided tour 4th June, 11.00

Installation: Taja Legat Lokar –Wishing table
In Galerija Šola Idej the architect Taja Legat Lokar will make a ‘table top instalation’ of contemporary usable ceramics of Slovenian artists, where she will show the beauty and timelessness of ceramic design. You can get the inspiration of unique table settings for one or more, when the day slows down, the eye catches the detail, texture, reflection and releases imagination.

Gallery Šola Idej
Preview 2nd June, 17.00-21.00
View 3rd June, 10.00-18.00
Opening 3rd June, 11.00
Guided tour 4th June, 12.00


Details about the program:

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House of the Ceramics
Tatjana Hlačer
Šutna 29, Kamnik, Slovenia
Tel.: +386 41 662 446