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Dzień Dobry Ceramiko – Poland 2021

Dzień Dobry Ceramiko!

Poland 2021

May 15-16, 2021

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The Ceramics Code exhibition

5 May – 27 June 2021

Dizajn BWA Wrocław
2-4 Świdnicka Street

We invite you to the exhibition at Dizajn BWA Wrocław telling the story of a new context of using ceramics in design, sustainable industry, science and technology, as well as coding as design practice.

Ceramics have been accompanying human beings for at least 30,000 years. Pottery is changeable in its properties, quick to adjust to the shape and conditions required at a given time. The material gains mechanical strength through thermal processes, and fire is its ally. Based on innovative ideas and growing demands, it is being refined thanks to new, advanced technologies.

The Ceramics Code exhibition intends to show the untapped potential of the ceramic material. The everyday objects known to all of us represent but a narrow range of products which may take more and more advanced and surprising forms. Ceramics appropriate ever-expanding areas of industries, unexpectedly displaying new properties. Once coded in the cultural dimension, today they open a wide range of technological codes.

The title of the exhibition, The Ceramics Code, combines four thematic areas: culture code, matter code, code as a communication tool, and g-code – the language used in digital technologies.

The artistic works presentation is complemented by industrial facilities representing advanced industries. The largest exhibit is a car engine, the smallest nozzles with a diameter of 2 mm made of oxide ceramics (96% Al2O3) used in the petrochemical industry. But in the group of exhibits there are, among others, bioceramic implants, knitted fabrics with ceramic fibers, and jewelery made of zirconium oxides.

> 4 Seminars

We organize four seminars related to The Ceramics Code. During the planned meetings, we will focus on four elements identical to the thematic scopes of the exhibition.We want to talk about the new meaning of ceramic materials.

As a curator of the project, I invited four specialists to the discussion:

Dr Barbara Banaś – deputy director of The Four Domes Pavilion (Museum & gallery featuring modern paintings, sculptures & other works), professor of chemistry at the University of Wrocław Jolanta Ejfler, dr Michał Mokrzan from the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, the University of Wrocław and an outstanding artist, inventor Jonathan Keep.

The meetings will be held on: 07/05, 21/05, 28/05 and 04/06 and will be reported on the website of The Ceramics Code project.

The unexpected contexts of the use of ceramics will be presented not only by displaying industrial products, but also unique works of designers and artists. The exhibition has the potential to show new perspectives for co-operation of the creative and industrial sectors in search of solutions to many problems that the modern man faces. When looking for safe and effective methods of environmental and health protection, what must be appreciated is sustainable development, equality and social prosperity, at the same time taking into consideration involvement in the protection of natural ecosystems and the Earth’s resources. The role of the designer will be significant in this process, and the implementation of advanced technologies – inevitable.

Artists and designers: Jonathan Keep, Studio Joachim_Morineau, Simona Janišova, UNFOLD Studio, Magdalena Maros, Renata Bonter-Jędrzejewska

Curator: Renata Bonter-Jędrzejewska

Organizers: BWA Wrocław Galleries of Contemporary Art, Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, Fuzjon Foundation, Culture and Art Centre (OKiS) Wrocław

Project co-financed by the Lower Silesian Voivodship and Wrocław County.